Mentorship Programme

The mentorship programme at the WLGH 2018 conference in London was designed to create a global network of leaders, connecting mentors and mentees at the conference and beyond to exchange their knowledge, experiences, and best practices. The programme included a mentorship breakfast at the conference for around 50 mentors and 150 mentees. More information on the roles of mentors and mentees are provided below.



As a mentor, your role is three-fold, as an advisor, listener, and enabler:

As an advisor, you can share your understanding and experiences of challenges that interest your mentee, and provide practical approaches to achieving results, depending on their needs, interests, and receptivity.

As a listener you provide an accepting, low-risk environment where your mentee can reflect on and make sense of day-to-day working experiences and difficulties. You will help them review and think through situations by practicing effective coaching behaviours, such as listening, questioning, clarifying, providing support, processing emotions, and challenging assumptions.

Finally, as an enabler you can invite your mentee to meetings and events, introduce them to key people, and increase their visibility, networks, and exposure to different situations. You can also suggest resources, programs and networks for them..



The role of the mentee is both as a learner and as an initiator:

As a learner, you will have a chance to learn a great deal about how another person handles certain job situations, and will get an opportunity to have a sounding board from a more experienced person and learn from their perspectives, successes, and potential missteps. You will be able analyse, draw conclusions, gain insights and translate lessons that you can apply to your career

As an initiator, you take the initiative to arrange meetings and help structure them in order to make the time spent together mutually rewarding.


"As a young woman beginning her PhD this year, I hope to learn how to lead a fulfilling and helpful career at the intersection of genetics and medicine." 

- Meet Lauren Wedekind, one of our WLGH 2018 mentees.


" I would like to achieve my full potential as a doer and change maker in my profession of health." 

- Meet Dr Evelyn Kusi, one of our WLGH 2018 mentees.