Anya Sitaram

Anya Sitaram is a communications consultant and UK documentary producer specialising in health, science and environment.

A former BBC news anchor and ITN health and science correspondent, Anya is founder of Rockhopper Media, an independent production company that makes documentaries on global health, environment, and international issues.

Anya has overseen hundreds of broadcast documentaries on global health including the long running BBC World series, Kill or Cure, which she developed, and The Health Show and Survival, which Rockhopper Media made in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

For the last fifteen years, Anya has worked as a professional moderator, chairing high-level panels for the European Commission, many UN organisations, leading NGO’s, and private sector clients.

Anya began her journalistic career as a BBC trainee in 1985 before moving to ITN where she became a reporter and Health and Science Correspondent. Later she joined the BBC’s flagship science programme Tomorrow’s World.